Revolutionary War Charleville Infantry Musket with History Through. A VERY GOOD REVOLUTIONARY WAR MODEL 1766/8 “CHARLEVILLE” MUSKET, ca. 1768-1773: In overall very. French Charleville Infantry Musket – AN IX is now on sale. MTS-026 1766 Charleville Musket: Sale Price 499.000US 549.00CAN 299.00GBP – Money-back Guarantee – Shipped to your Door – Lowest Price Commitment – for 1795 Model and 1808 Model Musket and Charleville $3.50. Wide variety of reproduction French and British Muskets, Baker Rifles, pistols, Brown Bess Flintlocks and Bayonets for sale here. I apologize for completely missing a right hand full sized shot of this musket and will. Antique flintlock muzzleloading rifles and muskets for sale from Old Town Station. Shows & Sales The Charleville muskets were .69 caliber French muskets used in the 18th century.

Disclosing makes it a “Sale,” for the bidder not an auction, much like a Basic Auction on. This 1763 Charleville Musket replica was made by Davide-Pedersoli for. Perfect for turning into an 1816 conversion for early war events. CHARLEVILLE REV. EWAR MUSKET for sale in category Muzzleloading Pre-1899 Rifles (flint) offered by TWIN OAK ARMS: Good musket from the Rev. French Charleville Infantry Musket – AN IX is now on sale. Live firing reproduction 1777 French Charleville flintlock muzzle loaders for sale!. WarOf1812: a forum for discussion of all aspects of. US Charleville pattern musket SOLD $1,750: Delightful swivel barrel flintlock combination rifle. The semi-annual “car repairs needed sale”: Older model 1766 Charleville flintlock – $475 plus shipping. French 1777 Model Infantry Musket – An IX Version (MTS-006) This model was the last in a long line of modifications. You will no longer be able to contact the seller, but the post is retained for your convenience.
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